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  Mara Evangelical Church Mission

Mara Evangelical Church Mission

God spoke to the Reginald Arthur Lorrain and his wife to come over the Maraland (known as Lakher Land) when they were in England. To respond this inner calling of God, they decided to come into the Maraland which was thousands of miles far away from their comfortable place. However, they left their home for the Maras in 1907 and arrived there in September 26 in 1907. With the help of the spirit of God, after fifty years of their settlement in the midst of the Maras, the river of salvation flowed into the whole mountains and plains through out the Maraland even in the hearts of all the Maras. How a great joy salvation they brought fro the Maras.

The Tribal known as the  wild people to their neighbors now was turned into a missionary tribe in Myanmar. They celebrated their golden Jubilee in 1957 and shouted out that "Let Jesus only must reign in our Land." In turn, they started sending the missionaries to their neighbors who did not know about Jesus in 1965.

Now, the Mara Evangelical is doing the mission of God in five areas: 1. Lemro Chin mission, Maruh tribe mission, Myoh tribe mission, Khumi Misssion, and Asho Chin mission.

1. Lemro Chin mission: The Lemro Chin mission was started in 1970 by the three Mara missionaries. Now, there are 17  missionaries are working in this area.

2. Asho Chin Mission: It was started in 1994 with three missionaries. Today, there are four missionaries are working for the Lord.

3. Myoh tribe mission: In 1966, the Mara Evangelical Church sent two missionaries  to the Myoh tribe who are living in Rakhine State in Myanmar, today there are 10 missionaries are working for the Lord.

4. In 1966, the church sent two missionaries to the Maruh tribe mission and now, there are 13 missionaries are working there for the Lord.

5. Khumi mission: In 1966, three missionaries were sent into the Khumi mission field. Now, there 15 missionaries (including native workers) are working for the extension of the Kingdom of God.

Martyrs: There are 8 missionaries who already gave their life for the mission of God in these five areas.

Mission School: In 1982, Mission Middle School was launched in Lemro chin mission area. Besides this, there are 4 Mission Primary (Elementary Schools are also open in other mission fields.

Means of Mission Fund Raises: Since the Mara Evangelical Church is self supporting Church, she has to try her best to raise the mission funds by basing local resources. Here are the means of fund-raising for the Mission work.

1. Mission target 2. Distributing mission Envelops 3. collection of fire wood 4 Mission traps in the jungles 5. Portion of meat for the mission, 6 Mission garden, 7. Labor for the mission, and 8. Mission Ark, etc.

New believers: From 1966-2006, there are 5000 baptized members from this mission fields.

Problems: Inflation problem for the workers and need for supporting churches from outside our country.

To Contact: 

Field Director, Evangel Mission (Mara Evangelical Church) Sittwe, Rakhine State or

Mara Evangelcal Church, P O Box 366, General Post Office, Yangon, Myanmar.

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