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  Mara Evangelical Church History

         The Map of Maraland                     
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Missionaries to Maraland 

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Established in 1907 

The History of Mara Evangelical Church in Myanmar

Mara Evangelical Church in Myanmar is founded by the Reverend Reginald Arthur Lorrain in 1907. Mara is one ethnic group among the Chins who inhabited in the southern part of Chin State in Myanmar. By the missionary's effort, within 50 years after their arriving in the Maraland, all the Maras turned into Christians. There are more than 70 local churches in the  whole Mara Evangelical Church in Myanmar. Now the Mara Evangelical Church is :

1.  A member of the Myanmar Council of Churches in 1985

2.  A member of Christian Conference of Asia in 1989.

3.  A member of World Alliance Reformed Churches in 1993 and

4.  An associate member of World Council of Churches in 2001. There are 20 thousands congregation in the Mara Evangelical Church in Myanmar.  The church used the Presbyterian government system and divided into four Presbyteries such as Presbytery 1, 2, 3, and 4. Its Headquarters are located at Sabawngpi village and Lailenpi village.             

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