Dulous Elipaw
  Lorrain Theological College & Mision Studies Center

                     Establised: 7 July, 2003
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The   above picture is the first graduate students of Lorrain theological college on 17 February, 2007 at the chapel hall of the Myanmar Institute of Theology in Insein, Yangon.

A Brief History of Lorrain Theological College and Mission Studies Center

The Mara Evangelical Church was founded by a self supported missionary named by Reginald Arthur Lorrain in 1907. It was after 90 years over of his arrival  to the Maraland, the Mara Evangelical Church could establish her own theological college in 2003 with the first batch of seven students. Before this, the Mara Evangelical Church usually sent her leaders to the Myanmar Institute of Theology in Insein in Myanmar and some colleges which are running under the umbralla of Senate of Serampore college in India. By the grace of God, in 2003 the Mara Evangelical Church could establish her own college where she is to train her leaders and missionaries in Yangon, Myanmar.

Aims of the College:

1. To train students for Christian service and church ministry as pastors, evangelists, and lay leaders for both sexes.

2. To promote students for the building up of the hoslistic development with the word of God.

3. To produce students who have the missionary spirit and ecumenical spirit for the Kingdom of God.

4. To equip students for promoting contextual skills and having insight tribal theology.

College Policy: Since this college is based on a Reformed churches tradition, it accepts all students regardless of their different denominations and doctrines. It uses neutral Biblical language while giving lectures to the students and having worship service in the campus. (to be continued)

Degree Offered:

Lorrain Theological College and Mission Studies Center offers the following degrees:

1. Bachelor of Theology which is a four-year course. It can be completed  with in 6 years.

2. Diploma in Theology which is a three-year course. This degree is prepared for the lay people and missionaries.

REMARK: So far, the college is running only for the Bachelor of Theology program. Right now, there are 24 students are enrolling in this college for the Bachelor of Theology.

In 2006, seven students could graduate from LTC and 5 new students were accepted in 2007 academic year.

Principal :  Rev. Dr. Bizo (Hlychhoh) B.Th, B.D, D.Min

Lecturers: Rev. Vazi (Academic dean in charge) B.Th, M.Div

                    Rev. Vako (further studies) B.Th, M.Div, M.Th

                    Rev. Sa E Hmo (further studies), B.A, M.Div, M. Th

                    Mc. Roke (Accountant) B.A

Lorrain Theological College chata tha pasana a hneipa zydua nama cho liata alyna bie eima cha hla ngasa. Abeipa ta nama chakaona liata byhna chapi via lyma chyu ei se.



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